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Euglena – One Unique Microalgae that Enhances Immunity in Multiple Ways
Sep 07, 2020

Every day, there are billions of flu-causing viruses and other microbes crawling and creeping around us. They are constantly looking for the perfect opportunity to invade our body and devour our health or even lives. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is estimated that influenza has resulted in between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths every year since 2010.

Although the current atmosphere is frightful, our body is actually created with the power to ward off colds, flu and infections. When our immunity is stimulated and supported with the right nutrients, the different soldiers of the immune system will be super-charged to detect and kill disease-causing microbes.

Euglena – One Unique Microalgae that Enhances Immunity in Multiple Ways

Our immune functions can be grouped into 2 main strategies as below.

The innate immunity: These “inborn” or “built-in” immune responses, forming the first line of defence, include:

  • Barriers created by our bodily structures and secretions;
  • Recruitment of immune cells to the sites of infections by the means of inflammation;
  • Destroying the pathogens by breaking them down and tagging them for removal from our body;
  • Activation of the adaptive immunity.

The adaptive immunity: The slower yet highly-specific immune responses of this system, forming the second line of defence, create precise immunological memories upon the first encounters of different pathogens so that the subsequent attacks by the same pathogens will not be successful in causing illnesses. Hence, it is also known as the “acquired” immune system.

Upon infection with a virus, both innate and adaptive immune responses are involved in controlling the infection. Ensuring the intake of adequate essential nutrients is important in improving the ability of our innate immunity in detecting and eradicating viruses timely. Since there is no lifelong protection against viral infections and the threat of possible future pandemics, our optimal nutritional status is crucial in combating any new viruses.